Helping make sense of Medicare solutions.

You have no doubt been bombarded with Medicare-related solicitations, many of them disguised to look like something official. Looking for a good, and trustworthy free medicare help has become harder as well! Over the years we have heard from thousands of people regarding Medicare Insurance and one word is by far the most common: confusing. Click here for your FREE Guide to Medicare!

You’re not alone! It is confusing. The rules are complicated. Many turn to friends or family members who are already on Medicare only to receive well-intended but incorrect advice because the rules don’t apply the same way for everyone depending on a number of factors.

When you call us we’ll ask you some key questions to determine whether or not you need to take medicare.

That’s right, while many may face late enrollment penalties for not taking Medicare when first eligible, others don’t need to take Medicare at 65 and can postpone without penalty.

Some of the questions we’ll ask you to assess what action you need to take regarding Medicare are:

  • Is your current health insurance an employer group health plan?
  • Are you (or spouse) currently employed?
  • Is the employer coverage a retiree plan or COBRA?
  • Does the employer have 20 or more employees?
  • Is the employer plan a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
  • Do you have a younger spouse covered as a dependent on your employer plan?
  • Are you receiving Social Security benefits?
  • Are you eligible for VA benefits?

The answers to these questions will help determine what action, if any, you’ll need to take regarding Medicare and whether you have been automatically enrolled.  If you do need to take Medicare, then there is the matter of its cost, which is based on your taxable income, and then which of the Medicare-related health plans to choose. Those choices can be confusing, too, as you wade through dozens of plan options.

The good news is we’re here to help, and our assistance comes at no cost to you!  We’ll help you determine whether you need Medicare, and explain the cost and plan options.